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Thread: Steeler Fan Super Bowl Dilema

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    I've been rooting for the Ravens all play offs. I respect and admire them. This run is like the Steelers 2005 run. And their QB is now superior to ours, as is their head coach, it would seem. Kudos. I tip my hat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    I'll be much more interested in the Pens-Caps game earlier in the day (if hockey were still in lockout, I'd be truly miserable). I'll likely treat this particular awful Super Bowl like my wife treats it. More interested in the food and guests at the Super Bowl Party than the game itself. Focus on the commercials and the halftime show, I guess. As far as I'm concerned this year's Super Bowl in 2 weeks is as dead to me as the Pro Bowl next week. Blech.
    Absolutely agree with this. There's no way I can root for the Rats, ever...... The only good thing that might come out of them winning it is it should push Flacco's contract price up, like someone else already said. Normally, even in the years the Steelers haven't made it, I still enjoyed watching it. This year between RayRay's last game and the "Harbaugh Brothers Bowl", I want to vomit already.

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    Love all the varied perspectives... Hate either coach because both remind me of a young Bill Cowher.... hate because I miss that kind of intensity on the sidelines. I have been a big Tomlin supporter from the get-go and still am, but over the years I've seen a regression. I may be wrong, but it appears a lot of the Tomlin-speak that is distributed has had little back up. That said, to clarify my choice... I'm rooting for Kaepernick. I like this kid's story and the gifts he brings to the position. I think he may be a future elite QB and wouldn't mind seeing him win one.

    Just can't root for the Ravens... to many classless remarks pre/post AFCCG by several players.... can't get on board with the arrogance.

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    I will never root for the ratbirds!

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    I wish there was a way they could both lose the game. You think the Harbags are arrogant now? Just imagine the arrogance after a Super Bowl win! Uggghhh.... Maybe I'll spend that evening cleaning my garage...

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    So, which would you prefer?

    Being kicked in the teeth or kicked in the nuts?

    That is a choice akin to choosing a team in this Super Bowl...

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    Maybe I'm just a football junkie but these comments about not watching the Super Bowl or finding other things to do instead of watching the game is crazy talk.

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    If the niners win i'm glad if the ravens win i'm glad. seeing ray lewis run, wee, wee home after a loss will do well for me. seeing the niners not win their 6th super bowl will do well for me. worse case scenario was avoided when the cheats lost.

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    I've given this some thought, and this is what I have decided:

    I don't want to live in a world where Joe Flacco has a Super Bowl ring...

    Not that I can't or that I won't...I really just would prefer not to...

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    If fans hate the the ravens thats one thing, but I give them credit for making a run most didn't think they were capable of.
    They were big underdogs against Denver and the Pats and beat three good QB's.
    They are underdogs again against the 49ers, but they like that role just like we did in 2005. Look for the Ravens to defy all odds and hoist the Lombardi.

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