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Thread: You Won't Believe it but...

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    Can't be true, Wallace wouldn't have lost focus during games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    Even though he was statistically a beast I think people were frustrated at how easy it was to beat us due to these 15 play drives that usually ended with a FG.
    We were 6-3 when he got hurt (then lost 5 of the next 6 games).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djfan View Post
    Was this YPC or passes that were actually in the air >15 yards? Brown took a few dinks and a couple of dunks to the + 15 yard zone, and that is YPC material.

    Either way Ben looked good before the injury.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raycafan View Post
    I think what the difference is, last few years we saw many deep completions for TDs and such. This year there were a lot of missed opportunities so the long ball just did not stand out. It was a while ago, but watching the game Lefty started it seemed he was making more 15 plus yard throws. It just felt or looked that way while watching it. Was it my eyes or were the swarm of bees on the field distorting my vision.
    Your eyes saw correctly. Leftwich attempted 13 deep balls (far above the avg for the season) and completed 4.


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