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Thread: 10 best super bowls

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    10 best super bowls

    I was reading where they ranked the 10 best super bowls, and Pittsburgh & NewEngland shared 3 each out of the ten.
    The most recent was the Throw by Ben & Catch by Santonio for Pittsburgh.
    I'll always remember that, and the interception by James Harrison was momentum game changer.

    If you like scoring, the SB against Dallas was action packed when we defeated them 35-31 and Oh, that dropped pass in the end zone by Jackie Smith was a killer for Dallas.

    If you like defense our first SB against the vikes and puple people eaters was all defense, the vikings only score came from a blocked punt, their offense didn't score a point.
    Btw, the half time score was 2-0 Pittsburgh

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    I can think of six super bowls right off the bat that are tops in my list, lol!


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