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just no 1st rounders on the defensive side of the ball this year. we were #1 despite missing troy and deebo most of the year and woodley not perfroming up to his stabdards.

we have 2 recent high picks in heyward and wordlis that still cant get off the bench and going back to hood and timmons, they also took 2 years to start.

we need an immediate impact and (as recent history shows) it wont come from a pick on the defense.

WR biggest need
RB right behind it
2nd TE (we use the set enough to warrent one and he can groom under heath for a few years

Ol is actually 1 position that i think we have enough guys to get the job them. just have to let them play. maybe a late rounder to fill in at OG.
That would be devastating, long term. 7 of the 11 starters on defense are OVER 30 (i.e., rapidly approaching retirement age).
Keisel (34), Hampton (35), Foote(32), Troy(31), Clark (33) Ike(32), Harrison (34)...
you don't wanna wait until all those 30-somethings start dropping and scramble to replace them out of need, you want to phase in defensive players and get value, when it's available. A defense that had only 10 interceptions and only 37 sacks; numbers that indicate the players are a step slower than they were in 2008 when they won they super bowl and averaged almost a full sack per game more... then again, Foote, Troy, Ike and Clark were all in their 20's and Harrison and Keisel were just 30...

By contrast, offensively, Heath and Ben are both 30... max is 31 and not even expected back... everybody else is in their 20's.

It's time to find a pass rusher, a run stuffer and a ball-hawk... NOW. Give them a season behind they guys in front of them to learn the defense, and let all those then-36-year-old players walk graciously into the sunset...

I could see this draft looking a lot like the "Timmons-Woodley" draft when Tomlin first took over.