I'm not up on Warmack but I dont think we need another fat guy in the interior... we need playmakers. I would prefer a TE, RB, CB. If thqt means we trade down to get him then so be it. We have picked up more than enough lineman and drafting more wont cure our woee when we have RB by committee, a TE who is injured and DB's who cant catch.

People acted like DD was the secind coming of Faneca and would make our OL better on day 1. He had a decent camp but the word was Foster held his own as well. The last thing I want is a guy magically falling to us AGAIN and then witnessing why he fell and others passed on him. I'm tired of having to wait 2 or 3 years for a guy to get it... It would be nice to get a baller who can help us on day 1.