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Thread: Your Thoughts on our # 1 Pick 2013 Draft

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    Your Thoughts on our # 1 Pick 2013 Draft

    We discussed a fair amount of prospects, and positions the Steelers might draft. We also know we could use help in several positions plus considered the Steelers might draft the BPA.
    According to our poll here OLB seems to be our greatest need and I wouldn't argue with that but I have another take and ask you if it makes any sense to you.

    We could draft a safety and be set for the future, an OLB, WR,RB and get help now but I have another thought.

    I'm thinking which one player that could possibly make one area of our team not only better it could make it dominate in the future. I'm thinking it would help us right now too, plus the future. We can debate which side of the ball needs more help but for me when you struggle to score points it begs for help to correct it.

    I've always thought for any offense to work well you need a QB first which we have, then you need a O-line to protect him and blockers who can make even an average back look good. It all goes hand and hand with a strong O-line, a entire offense can feed off that.

    Just imagin if we drafted Chance Warmack in our first pick. We would have the following O-line in place as projected with Starks , Foster, and Colon all leaving.






    I would think the interior of that line could be dominate, help our run game and improve the offense as a whole, the only question is if Adams or Gilbert could play that LT position at least decent.

    My original pick was NT, but we have 3 potential players for that position with the addition of Fangupo. If we draft an OLB, chances are he won't start as Woodley and Worlids would be the starters if Harrison leaves. If we draft a Safety he too wouldn't start because of Troy and Clark.

    The only positions I see a #1 pick start is LG or RB, out of the two I want the LG first so our backs have the blockers up front. I know we went O-line last season with our picks but now we should solidify it and make it a strong point of our team.
    I'm tired of seeing Ben with an average line, lets give him what most playoff teams have....a good O-line.

    About three years ago the 49ers weren't that good offensively, they had a good D, but struggled until they drafted help on their O-line. Today, they have 3 PRO BOWLERS who start on that line who are all coming together now.

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