There are 2 types of Steeler fans, there are Steeler fans who feel like the Steelers owe everything to Ben because he is the only reason that the Steeler ever won the 5th or 6th Super Bowl, and they feel we will never win anything again without Ben. Then there are Steeler fans who realize that Ben was our QB on our last 2 Championship teams, and he has been the best QB we have had since Bradshaw, he isn't a top 5 QB, and also realize that he is not the only reason we won, and he has his faults. The people in the first group will never ever agree to trading Ben no matter how great the deal might be for the Steelers, because they feel that the Steelers will never win another championship without Ben, then there are the people in the 2nd group, who realize that although Ben is good they also realize that Ben will continue to be Ben, and because of his prior success he won't push himself outside of his current comfort zone to get better, so if we can get a good return by trading him we would be better off in the next 3-5 years. I am in the second group, and I would pull the trigger onm the deal.