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Matt Barkley sucks. You need a QB to win in this league. That trade would turn the bottom feeding no QB Cardinals into a perennial contender and would send us back to the sucky 80's. no no no
Why do you say Barkley sucks? I dont think he sucks he isnt as great as the hype about him prior to this year but I hardly think he sucks. A 4 year starter who has a solid accurate arm. Put him in a power running game offense and I think he could manage the offense well enough to win. Remember even though he had some great receivers to throw to for most of his 4 years he played on a team that had restrictions levied on the number of scholarships they could give.

115 career TD's to 48 INT's, over 11,000 yards passing, a near 65% completion percentage, and having only been sacked 55 times over 4 years? Man I'd like to suck like that. And this was not in any gimmick offense. This was in a pro-style set.