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Thread: We need Ben version 4.0

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    We need Ben version 4.0

    Ben version 1.0 was the fresh-faced rookie, forced into playing time with incredible results as a rookie, with the team going 15-1 with him as the starting QB after Tommy Maddox went down (and who stunk at that point any how).

    Then, came Ben version 2.0, as an established veteran and proven winner, but obviously immature, too full of himself, as a Super Bowl-winning QB in a town that worships football. He obviously thought that societal rules didn't apply to him, with his piggish treatment of women and skipping out on massive bar tabs. (He thought since his presence brought in customers out of every nick and cranny, why should he have to pay his tab?) When it finally came to a head, Ben claims the character of "Big Ben" no longer exists. His mad partying and womanizing would cease...bringing us....

    Ben version 3.0. Now married, with a kid, Ben is no longer as wild and crazy with partying and being irresponsible off the field. Who knows what he does behind closed doors, but it's safe to say his public partying is heavily reduced. Ben version 3.0 has settled down to a degree, however, on the field he still shows major signs of still "just winging it" too often. We were bounced out of the post season because TWICE he through game-losing pics when the critical games were there for the taking, vs. Dallas and Cinci. There was also poor chemistry on the team, with roots towards Ben's carelessness and lack of pure professionalism - things you will never find on a Tom Brady team, which leads us for the next version of Ben....

    Ben 4.0. This version has to go beyond just settling down with public partying and womanizing to a version who takes the game more seriously. No longer any whining about the OC or play calling; no more careless "winging it" with bonehead decisions on where to pass the ball. Play like it matters. Play like millions of fans are counting on you. Take a more business-like mindset to work each day. Your teammates don't want to just see you "act" the "part" with sideline speeches, they want your daily actions to speak louder than your words on game day. A fire hose can be very effective and powerful, but held 2 feet below the nozzle it is erratic and dangerous. Up to now, he has been like that fire hose being held a few feet below the nozzle too much of the time. We need the next version, Ben 4.0. Become one of the hardest workers on the team. Do not think you are above the rules that others follow. Do not think you get _overly_ special treatment (He does get _some_ special treatment as the QB with two rings, let's not kid ourselves.)

    It's time for 4.0: Practice and play like your life depends on it. You don't have all that much time left to win another ring or two. Last season proved that.
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