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Thread: New OL Coach?

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    i was reading that Juan Castillo would be a good candidate.. He had success for several seasons ..

    "Juan Castillo. He served 13 successful years as offensive line coach for the [URL=""]Philadelphia Eagles[/URL], and coached up such players as Tra Thomas, Jon Runyan and Jermane Mayberry. He may not have been the perfect choice to run the Eagles defense, but there is no arguing with the success the offensive line enjoyed under his watch.With young talents such as Marcus Gilbert, Maurkice Pouncey, David DeCastro and Mike Adams entrenched on the line for the Steelers, Castillo’s intensity and know-how could be just what the doctor ordered to accelerate their growth."
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    Quote Originally Posted by steelmann58 View Post
    Tunch Ilkin
    He'll be a candidate. I always thought he'd make a good OL coach.

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    [QUOTE=RuthlessBurgher;545611]When Cowher offered Tunch the job, he was married with 3 young children. Considering the long hours required of an NFL position coach, it was understandable why he would not want to take that time away from his family. Now, however, his kids are grown, and unfortunately, his wife succumbed to cancer a year ago. Perhaps he would be more amenable to filling up his time as a coach now more than before. Just a thought.[/QUOTE]

    Good thought, I think most fans would love to see him coach, and not because he's liked but he has the potential to be pretty good as an O-line coach.

    Get Tunch, Warmack and the Steelers should be a better offense overall, but our run game should improve as well.

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    hopefully we wait until all the other HC fill their vacancies and we can grab the last shlub left, same for ST

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    Quote Originally Posted by squidkid View Post
    hopefully we wait until all the other HC fill their vacancies and we can grab the last shlub left, same for ST
    This is a real headscratcher for sure, which makes me believe they already got their guy and it is only a formality in making an announcement.

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    A match made in heaven > Ilkin Pouncey DeCasrto & WARMACK!


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