I think a better question is how do we improve our 4 man line on 3rd down/passing downs. If you look at the way offenses are evolving, there's more opportunity for a 4 man line. And if we get into 3rd and long, there's even greater time to get pressure.

I personally like the 3-4 as a base D and think it sets us up for 3rd and longs. And I prefer a more traditional 4 man line in passing situations. It feels like we just need better pressure from our LBs and we need to find some super big and super athletic guys that can play OLB.

More of these athletic freaks come around every year. We just need one of them. And picking 17 might put us in a position to get one of these guys.

There's more and more of them, but there's also a premium on those guys and they're becoming harder to find/get. Neither Harrison or Woodley fit the mold of the new prototype OLB. Harrison's too small and Woodley isn't athletic enough. We need to find a guy with Woodley's size and Timmon's athleticism.

I do think Worilds is one of those guys and I'm hoping he's ready to take the next step. Now lets find another.