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Thread: Is this The Time For The Steelers to Consider Moving To 4-3 Cover 2 team ?

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    I read the article...I think it's from back in October...

    The Steelers did practice the 4-3...that in and of itself is interesting...

    LeBeau has changed his defense from the 3-4 to the 4-3 before, when he was in was dictated by the talent available...

    Also (from the NY Times Fifth Down Blog):

    Zone blitz concepts can be run from a 4-3 front as well, if you’ve got the athletes to do it. Capers used the zone blitz in a 4-3 in Jacksonville, but had the luxury of players like Tony Brackens and Bryce Paup off the edge.
    Carnell Lake played for that Jacksonville team...

    Now, I don't necessarily believe that the defense will change...but, I am saying that LeBeau would be willing to adjust to the talent...
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