Our current system worked well for many years, however is the personel that we have or will have be better suited to play the 4-3?

I really don't know, but it appears our two #1 picks Hood & Heyward might have better results in that type of defense, and we might not have the LB core like in the past to stay with the 3-4.

There is a possibility we might lose James Harrison, and we'll need a ILB at some point especially if Foote retires, so I was wondering if there might be a change looming in the coming months.

If there was consideration to do this, it might change who we draft too, Safety is a position we talked about for the future as Troy and Clark are aging, but will a change make Safety even more relevant?

Personally, I'm not proposing we do this but I would be open to any change that can make us better with the personel we have.
Besides Heyward,Hood, Mclendon might thrive in 4-3 all younger playrer who are expected to be here for awhile.

I do know Mike Tomlin ran the Tampa Two in Minnesota, but when he came here he kept LeBeau's system intact but that was when we had Farrior a younger Foote and Harrison. To be succesful in a 3-4 you need really good LBers that we enjoyed for years but I wonder if thats coming to an end.
We would have our Starters in place@ LB if Harrison leaves with Woodley Timmons, and Worlids playing in the 4-3 spense as a back-up, Carter, and sylvester.

Your thoughts?