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I agree, remember when Hines was going to hold out but came to camp? By coming to camp he had a better shot of getting a deal done and he did get a nice deal. Wallace was afraid of getting injured while not having the big contract in place yet I guess, but this is all on him.
He had the opportunity and blew it, the Steelers don't cave in when are these players going to learn that.
Wallace didn't blow anything by himself. Maybe the Steelers blew it too because they didn't offer Wallace enough up front money? It's not all on Wallace. If only we knew what the Steelers offered Wallace. If they offered Wallace the same deal as Brown I can understand why Wallace wanted a deal with more upfront money. As a result not getting a deal done, the Steelers will probably lose their most explosive play maker.

Players can care less if and when the Steelers decide to cave. There are 31 other teams in the league that can pay them.