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Thread: Backup QB, it's time

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    Backup QB, it's time

    I think this is the year we finally break ties with Lefty and Batch.
    What does everyone think about [URL=""]Bruce Gradkowski[/URL] ?
    I remember when he was with the Raiders and he smoked us a few years back.
    Also IIRC wasn't he a Pittsburgh native?

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    i think its too early to look for bens replacement, but definitely want lefty and batch out. gimme 1 young vet and a rookie that can run. seems like the best chance for a backup qb to step in and win is if they have the ability to run.

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    I think it's absolutely time for Leftwich to go. I would like to either see a veteran #2 brought in with a developmental #3 added or a young #2 with Batch as the #3. Batch was .500 as a starter this year, and you can do a lot worse for your #3.

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    I'm down to bring in a new guy or possibly two. In fact, I was hoping they'd keep Hoyer.

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    How about a guy like Jerrod Johnson? I remember watching him in the preseason and he seemed to have some talent? Now, where did I see him play? hmm?
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    I think the Steelers will bring someone in or possibly draft a QB, as they said, changes are coming and they won't leave any stone unturned.

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    Zac Dysert 5th or 6th round,i think hes who i would want

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    Would be interested in the Steelers grabbing Kansas QB Dayne Crist late. He was the Collegiate Bowl MVP, but had a pretty mixed up college career. Plenty of talent that needs developing. The Steelers don't need Ben's immediate replacement. Whoever they choose to develop could be developing for 5 years or more- so there's no point grabbing an early round QB.

    Get Crist, bury him at 3rd on the depth chart, and get a back-up QB- be it Batch, Leftwich or someone outside the organisation, that can fill in if Ben goes down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Zac Dysert 5th or 6th round,i think hes who i would want
    i've seen him projected as high as the 2nd in some mocks... doubt you get him in the 5th or 6th.
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    We need a younger veteran Qbmaybe a Matt Moore


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