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Well, we're all entitled to our opinions... However, I think you are wrong.... He's all over the field when he plays... He sticks out in games more so than any other LB I've seen in college in years... His body of work this year is greater than just one game....

Let's also remember that Lewis was picked like 26th in round 1. So, there was some reluctance there on 25 other teams to pick him, and look where he is today... Again, the draft is a crap shoot, but seeing Te'o play this fall, he does stand out when he plays..
So let's get this straight: You (and snatch9 don't think LYING to the world (don't buy all this nonsense about HIM being a victim of a hoax here) and basically living a lie for four months isn't a character concern that would prevent you from picking him?

That's dumbfounding. I'm no psychologist, but it sounds a lot like sociopathic people I've read or heard about, exploits people's emotions and acting in a way that is devoid of conscience (exploiting the death of his own grandmother) for personal gain.