I am no CBA expert, in fact I really know nothing about it. But, from sampling of things read here and other places. It seems to me the players union worked the contract in the favor of themselves (as many would) when it comes to personal care. They did not want their employer telling them how to go about getting ready for their next season.By limited contact they no longer have to report on their individual off season workout. They wanted to be treated like adults and "trusted" they are doing it right. Therefore many of them are probably just doing it like they did through college, on their own. I could see this especially true for linemen and such. They are not needed to run 30 plus yards at a time so why train for it. So hit the power racks and get stronger and beefier. When in many cases they should really focus on being more limber in the process, takes away the robotic movements some have. Thus making them more fluid and really a little less susceptible to injury. Again not an expert, just an opinion.