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I considered what your saying, the problem is players like Warmack won't be there when we pick. Teams aren't looking for NT's as much as OL players so I felt we could get the BPA of whats left at 17.
Jessie Williams and Jenkins have the potential to dominate their position, we have Mclendon @ 280 lbs that isn't suited for NT, better suited for DE IMHO.
That leaves us with the unknown factor with Ta'amu, will he be able to get past his legal issues, and will Fangupo be good enough to play NT at a high level?
In a 3-4 defense you need players up front to open the lanes for the LB'ers to rush the passer, we haven't seen that for the last two years as the sack totals are the lowest in years. A dominate NT who can take on double team blocks will help our ends and LBer's as well.
Don't get me wrong I'm for offense too, but you tell me who would be better in round one on offense that would be available? I already stated Warmack is gone before we pick.

As for the projected O-line even I questioned that, but to be fair have any of us seen ADAMS OR GILBERT play LT? So how can we assume they will fail? Same with Beachum. I'm comfortable with Pouncey and DeCasro but as I said to be fair we have to see them play.

Gilbert played LT in college his natural position so its not like he doesen't know what to do, I'm thinking they will have Adams and Gilbert compete for that spot and the loser plays RT.
Steve McLendon was 280 coming out of college. The Steelers listed him at that weight in their media guide during his first year with the team, and have never changed it since. However, at this point, McLendon is much closer to 325 lbs. than 280 lbs.

Consider that Casey was always listed at 325 lbs., even though there have been times when he was likely closer to 375 lbs. back when Tomlin had him doing wind sprints in Latrobe (I'd say his typical playing weight is in the 350 range).