Ok folks,
Many names are out there who we might draft in the first but for the fun of it, pick your guy and give the reason for your selection. As the draft is concluded in round one we can look back on this thread and see who was right either by the draft pick or position.

Supers Selection:
I've been trying to break down our draft needs in combination of BPA, also taking into consideration which players probably will be selected before us. Picking at 17 could give us a need player or BPA, I'm starting to think the Steelers will select the BPA in this round and try and get the need players following round one.
Considering positions the teams above us might pick, I'm thinking only one NT will be selected before us, so we could get a darn good NT at 17, and he might be the BPA for us. We should be able to get one of the top three NT's in this draft and if so a strong possibility the Steelers will select him.
I realize there are other positions we need beside NT, but if we can get the second best NT or possibly the best NT that position might be BPA. The BPA of OLB's, ILB, LT, and G will probably be gone before we pick. WR,TE,RB are positions I think we pick later in the draft and still might find a good one and value to our team.

My Selection:

Jessie Williams or Johnathan Jenkins

Now I know you guys have other names or positions in mind and may not like my pick, thats ok, let me know yours and we can get back here in April and see who got it right.