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I'm not seeing Sushi as a problem. He did a good job this year. Do you have some reason to think he'll regress? I'm curious because of all the Steelers "issues", kicker seems to be one of the least problematic to me.
Suisham wasn't bad but there is 1 reason and 1 reason only why I am willing to guarantee that the Steelers won't win a SB with him as our kicker.

You need to have a kicker that can kick a 50+ yard field goal in the clutch and in the "elements". To get to the SB and win it, you need a kicker that can do that and I don't think Suisham can. The road to the SB for the Steelers will be in the "elements" (Pittsburgh, Cincinatti, New England, Baltimore..). There will be bad weather along the way. There will be close games decided by 3 points or less. You need a guy that can get those 3 points in the clutch from 50+ out.