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if Ben doesn't adjust (I really doubt it) then I question his heart and professionalism...the whining needs to stop now, be a professional and move on. Isn't that what's expected of us in the real world at our jobs?
Yea, but none of us (I think that's safe to say) have a contract for $100 million or have done anything for a billion $ company like win two Super Bowls. That buys leverage and power, even if the powers that be don't admit to it. Someone brought up a good point in here today: Trying to win the time of possession battle EARLY in the game is kind of worthless, but that seems to be their plan. It is far more important to jump to a lead, increase that lead and _THEN_ work on the grind-it-out, time-of-possession mode (if you wish, but NE never goes into that mode; they prefer to get up by 30 instead).