I have been in Football Heck!!

SB losses as most of you know hurt---they hurt really bad. Not only that it was like we gave them that game with the Ben Pick for a TD and the Mendy fumble with the momentum changed.

Well the next year we go 12-4 only to have to travel to Denver and lose to Tim Tebow in the first rnd of the Playoffs. (and watch the replays of the final play then next year and a half) I swear I can be watching the Blue Jays and the Indians highlights in July and they (SC) will fit that replay in.

ok...new year. We start off the year losing to the same team we lost to in the playoffs the season before....slow start then get to 6-3. Ben GOES DOWN! Still if we go 3-4 and Beat the Bungles we can get in. Welcome 8-8 and the game I have tix to the Browns is meaningless. Out of the playoffs.

To top it off... The two teams I hate the most are in the Championship game again---Rats and Pats with a possible Harbough vs Harbough SB in place.

Tell me there is hope to come---One thing keeps me going: Our 6 SB trophies and all of our success in recent years. That will and has started to run out though. Its Time to get back to Steeler football which is championship Football!!!