Let go of Foote, Hampton, Colon, Keisal, Starks and Harrison---save the cap space. Harrison and Keisal will hurt but we have got to make the trip to the young guys.

Let the 1st rnd DE Pick finally get his chance in Heyward. McClendon should of started last year (I don't know why people are have us taking a DT in 1st rnd--Guy is solid)

Do what we can to resign K Lewis at a fair price.

Resign Wallace or tag him. The above money saved should be at least be able to tag him with Franchise Tag. Its ok if this can't happen (we have saunders and Cothery)

For Heaven's sake ---bring in another Punter. I am sick of 38 yard punts!!!

Fire the ST coach if we havent' done that yet---They were horrible.

Tell LeBeau we would like to have Butcher take over the Defense. Give him a big send off and award. Butcher becomes our Def Co.

If Haley comes back---tell Ben to handle things behind closed doors not on the field--Like showing his disgust on a Haley call that just came in.

Bring in a RB that another team has written off, treated badly or just has to much depth (M Jones Drew for Wallace trade) Not happening but I can dream--so just go with the former with a written off RB with talent who is a free agent. ( Ahmad Bradshaw) trade a 4th rnd pick for.

Eat it up boys---Oh yea a second TE would be nice to compliment Miller--THOUGHTS? And will this work?