I never really watched Russell Wilson too much before the playoffs but I really love that kid. If the Steelers could get any other QB than Ben, I would take him. People always mention the Steelers Oline in reference to Ben, but the argument I would always make is that QBs who anticipate the rush and maneuver as well as Wilson, will avoid sacks that will get to Ben, with the same OL line. The lesser mobile QBs like Manning and Brady will take fewer sacks with the same OL line, because they get rid of the ball quicker.

So, I can't be as volatile anti-Ben as lloydroid, but Ben does need to tighten the screws on himself. He doesn't have nearly the mobility as the RGIIIs, etc and this new crop, so he really needs to excel in his reads and accuracy, since his mobility is going to lessen in the near future. He has the tools to do all this.

People always used to argue about running QBs versus pocket passers, but that was when Kordell Stewart and Michael Vick, who were often in the 70s with the passer ratings were the top (running QBs), but with Wilson, RGIII, Kapernick and even Luck, who display great mobility and also passer ratings in the high 90s or over 100, coming into the landscape, Ben needs to work harder to keep up with players like them.