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And, every year at this time there can only be 4 QBs playing, so some good quarterbacks aren't going to be in the playoffs that doesn't make them bad quarterbacks. Your view of the flavor of the day quarterback is naive and that of a fledgling fan of any sport. When something new arises it can look like a world beater because it hadn't been run with any permanence. Cam Newton was all the rage last year, this year, not so much, he'll have to change the way he plays to get back to the success he had his rookie campaign. The Wildcat was all the rage a few years back, DCs got the film out, studied and put a halt to that "flavor of the year", this year the athletic quarterback with passing skills enters the league and the college read option comes in vogue. The tape is out there now on the read option, if you believe that NFL DEs (43 defense) and OLBs (34 defense) are going to be fooled by the read option permanently you haven't been watching the NFL closely enough.

Ben had an outstanding year save for two lousy stinkin rotten plays and you act as if he's forgotten how to play football. I can't change your perception of Ben nor do I want to, you'll continue to espouse how Luck, RGII, Newton (probably), Wilson and Kaepernick are better than Ben and they may be some day, but none of them are right now.

Brees is home, Rogers played poorly, Manning (Peyton) made one stinkin rotten play in a game in which they were favored by close to double digits, Manning (Eli) couldn't get his team in the playoffs, Rivers is at home, Romo is at home after the Steelers gift wrapped their season for them he still managed to miss the playoffs, the list goes on and on.

Persoanlly, I can't wait to see how good defenses play against Wilson, Kaepernick, Luck and RGIII next year. They won't have the luxury of being the new kid on the block, there will be expectations, lets see if they can live up to them.

I'm certain Ben will have his 3800 - 4200 yards, 26 - 28 TDs, 6 - 8 INTs, because he's proven it over many years. I"m not certain that any of these guys will reach the heights they did this year. I hope they do, it will be good for the NFL, but I won't be surprised if they don't.

And, by the way, the only narrow minded thinking in this thread up to this point has been you, failing to even perceive any positive in Ben's play (current or past) while extolling the virtues of the "Wunderkinds" of this season. You're as myopic in an anti-Ben way as Crash is myopic in a Pro-Ben way; we'll see how it shakes out next year.

Great perspective.

As for your point about the QBs left at this time of year, just a few short years ago one of those QBs was Mark Sanchez. Not sure if Lloyroid woud have fawned over him, but wouldn't be surprised if he did.