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Thread: Give a choice, I'd take Russell Wilson over Ben right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7 UP View Post
    On a side not has anyone noticed that Kaepernik has the throwing motion of a young Byron Leftwich??? That ought to take him far in this league.
    No... not at all. Never looked at his throwing motion...

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    I would take Kapernick from SF, but not for Ben. These guys are Rookies (successful) for crying out loud.

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    Are you bringing the offenses with them, because none of those guys would not survive behind our O line?Maybe Romo can because he's doing the same thing in Dallas.
    Quote Originally Posted by lloydroid View Post
    Did you see this guy battle back vs. Atl? Dear WORD, this kid is good. He is a better QB, right NOW, then is Bonehead Ben. He can buy time in the pocket, and out side of it, BETTER than BB, plus makes better decisions on where to go with the ball. I give Pete Carrol kudos for having the stones, and the wisdom, to go with this rookie instead of their high priced QB free agent vet. Seattle still lost, but this guy brought them back on a furious pace. Ben gets so much credit for keeping a play alive, but takes a pounding in doing so and makes some real bonehead decisions with careless decisions. This guy is already superior in buying time, creating plays and the accuracy on his throws. I know most of us like to consider BB an elite QB, but this new crop of QBs is quickly leaving BB in the rear view mirror as a possible top 5 QB. As a matter of fact, if given the choice, I would choose all of these QBs BEFORE BB if I had an NFL team.

    Matt Ryan
    Peyton Manning - although age is a concern
    Colin Rand Kaepernick
    Russell Wilson
    RG3 - although knee injury a concern

    And I would add in Cam Newton if he bounces back from a sophomore slump, which I think he will.

    That puts BB out of the top 10 in my mind - just out of it, but out of it nonetheless.

    Sorry but Russell Wilson is the real deal. And so is Kaepernick, with his wicked athletic ability paired with a cannon of an arm. These guys are the new big time QBs in the NFL; BB no longer is the current big time QB. Those days are already gone. Oh, and Brady is as deadly as ever. Amazing how he and the Pats contend every year - just amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar View Post
    OK, so what is your point? Do you want to trade for him or were you just looking to extol the young man's virtues? You could have started a thread about liking Alfred Morris over Mendenhall or Tony Gonzalez over Heath, but you didn't. I just figured you might have a real point.
    IDK, I like adhering to reality a little bit; it's completely absurd that we could trade for Russell and you most likely realize that, but are just trying to be funny. The point is obvious: I (and most thinking fans) know that Russell, right now, is a better QB than is BB. Why is this significant? Because virtually no fan on earth could have predicted that would be the case before the season started; but, since Ben has got worse, and RW has played so much better than anyone anticipated, it is true, nonetheless. I feel that is more than a little noteworthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by papillon View Post
    There's tape on these guys now, lets see how they all do next year after DCs have a chance to really digest the offenses, tendencies, etc. The read option that RGIII and KaepernikGreat, you think Ben stinks, that's your prerogative, but he is a proven winner for 9 years, not just one. I'll take Ben until he retires and you can go pick out the latest and greatest quarterback based on a couple games.

    Your evaluation of Ben is myopic. You are viewing his current skill based on the past, but he no longer offers the same quality of play. If anything, he cost us the play offs this year, throwing two game-losing pics in the games we needed to win coming down the stretch. The QBs I admire are the ones who are CURRENTLY offering superior play - not ones who sloppiness and undisciplined ways cost us the post season.

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    Give Ben Seattle's offensive line, WR's, and Marhawn Lynch and Robert Turbin and then let's compare. Ben doesn't do the drafting or roster management around here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NW Steeler View Post
    Exactly! I love Wilson, and wanted to the Steelers to daft him as a backup, but lets see how his career progresses before we have him fitted for his HOF jacket. That said I think he will continue to be a very good QB. But I would still take Ben in a heartbeat. He was on track for his best season ever before he was hurt.
    Unfortunately, his injury seemed to impact his brain as much as his body. He just made hurky jerky decisions, throwing pics right into coverage, to end our chance at the play offs.

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    how many more ben posters do you have to start?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Pittsburgh View Post
    Give Ben Seattle's offensive line, WR's, and Marhawn Lynch and Robert Turbin and then let's compare. Ben doesn't do the drafting or roster management around here.
    Sorry, this doesn't pass the eye ball test. Did you watch Wilson play? It wasn't a matter of him having superior O-line play, etc. He bought time better than BB ever has, and he makes wise decisions on where to go with the ball, and then delivers the ball with great accuracy. That had nothing to do with the players around him. He is a BALLER out there, much more so then Ben is at this point. I will give them this: Seattle's DBs are far superior to ours - that much is obvious. But wide outs? Pgh was touted early and often as having one of the best WR units in the NFL. Of course, as the lack of discipline and effort ran through our team, that once-proud WR unit turned out to be a big pile of stinking crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toddjammin View Post
    how many more ben posters do you have to start?
    This thread was a comparison between an up-in-coming QB star, and our fading QB star. Very topical, very appropriate.

    And, a "poster" is something you hang up on a wall, not a post to a message board. In other words, I had a Farrah Facet poster on my wall at one point, but it had nothing to do with an Internet message board.

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