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LOL... Russell Wilson is who Ben used to be when Ben was a rookie. I would love to have the hot hand right now but who knows how they are going to play next year or 2 or 3 years down the road. Ben used to scoot for 1st downs and keep the D honest with his feet.

I complain...I'm still mad.... but you... you sound like you don't even like this team.
Yea, you're right: I don't like ___THIS___ team, because I am a Steelers fan and this current version of the team I love is a disgrace, so why would I like a team that I support that is a disgrace? They lack discipline, focus and effort. I despise when my favorite team has those qualities. So, yup, I don't like it in the condition it is. If I had a son who was a criminal I would love my son, but not the current state of that son.