Did you see this guy battle back vs. Atl? Dear WORD, this kid is good. He is a better QB, right NOW, then is Bonehead Ben. He can buy time in the pocket, and out side of it, BETTER than BB, plus makes better decisions on where to go with the ball. I give Pete Carrol kudos for having the stones, and the wisdom, to go with this rookie instead of their high priced QB free agent vet. Seattle still lost, but this guy brought them back on a furious pace. Ben gets so much credit for keeping a play alive, but takes a pounding in doing so and makes some real bonehead decisions with careless decisions. This guy is already superior in buying time, creating plays and the accuracy on his throws. I know most of us like to consider BB an elite QB, but this new crop of QBs is quickly leaving BB in the rear view mirror as a possible top 5 QB. As a matter of fact, if given the choice, I would choose all of these QBs BEFORE BB if I had an NFL team.

Matt Ryan
Peyton Manning - although age is a concern
Colin Rand Kaepernick
Russell Wilson
RG3 - although knee injury a concern

And I would add in Cam Newton if he bounces back from a sophomore slump, which I think he will.

That puts BB out of the top 10 in my mind - just out of it, but out of it nonetheless.

Sorry but Russell Wilson is the real deal. And so is Kaepernick, with his wicked athletic ability paired with a cannon of an arm. These guys are the new big time QBs in the NFL; BB no longer is the current big time QB. Those days are already gone. Oh, and Brady is as deadly as ever. Amazing how he and the Pats contend every year - just amazing.