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Thread: Clues to who the Steelers will draft by Position

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    Clues to who the Steelers will draft by Position

    Many of us have some selections down on paper, but the question is what position will they deem most important because of the circumstances they are faced with.

    1. James Harrison:

    Because of his age, and more his salary he might not be in the Steelers plans in 2013. We would hate to see him go as he is a fan favorite but they can't afford to pay him what he's making.

    Clue: OLB will be a priority if James leaves so my guess is either the first or second round they draft that position.
    Barkevious Mingo was mentioned but they could have another name in mind so we'll see.

    2. We are hearing Starks, Colon, and Foster will probably play eleswhere next season, if that's the case, we replace them, but where is our depth for the O-line? We'll need to draft for depth, maybe not in the early rounds but it will have to be addressed.

    3. TE Heath Miller:

    We don't know if he will be ready for the 2013 season as he has a serious injury that will take a lot of time to heal, so all of a sudden the TE position becomes a need position. Not only that but Heath's contract will be up in 2014 I think so we'll need to groom a replacement.

    4. Safety:
    This position is on the radar, we'll need a safety to groom but what round? I only think we take a safety early if he is the BPA, because of our immediate needs.

    I'm guessing we'll draft one but not early as we have more pressing needs to fill in the short term.

    RB: This is another position we will look to fill, but again other positions are needed that might supercede RB.
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    These are the positions that need filled but not in any paticular order. I left QB out of the picks because its not an immediate need, they probably will just look for an undrafted QB to fill a roster spot, same with a Punter either FA or keep Butler.

    If the Steelers take another approach from the positions I mentioned, they may be looking at the long term and hope to fill a team thats competitve in the short term.
    Some big names are being considered that will impact our roster, like Silverback, Starks,Colon,Foster,Wallace, Mendy and possibly Foote. Out of all of them I think we keep Foote one more year. He'll play for less and we don't have a replacement for him yet so a good chance he stays.

    It was going to come down to this folks at some point, we can't keep players forever no matter how good they are, just ask Joey Porter, Rod Woodson to name a few.
    We're into the second phase of a transition, the first was when we lost Hoke, Farrior, Hines,Smith. Its difficult to maintain a core group of players, you just hope the new guys coming in can fill the void.
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