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Belichick had the Browns in the play offs....the _BROWNS_. That is an accomplishment in itself, so he wasn't doing so poorly. But one of his admitted mistakes while in Cleveland was he thought having a personal relationship with the players was not necessary to make a champion. He found out human beings just don't work that way. If a coach never speaks to them, other than to instruct them, players will tend to not give full effort. They want to feel like they have somewhat of a connection to the head coach and don't want to be treated as robots. Ever since the Browns gig, BB does invest some time in his relationship with the players, even though you won't see examples of it during a televised game. For instance, at their first Super Bowl, a veteran player was complaining that a rookie had a better hotel room. The old BB would have told him to shut the freak up and deal with it. The new, wiser BB threw him his own room keys and said, "I don't need a room with a kitchen in it; what the hell do I care" and switched rooms with the vet (I think it was Ty Law or Lawyer Malloy - one of those law guys.)
Not many players wouldn't want to play for Bellichek...not b/c he's cool. b/c he wins and yes he does interact with the guys. Did you see the football life show where he gave the players time off if a Lineman could field a Punt?? that stuff goes a long way.

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But foolish people will not learn from their mistakes. Cowher had trouble learning from his; we will see if Tomlin can.
"Mistakes are a wise man's education"
Do you learn from some of ur rants???