Now this isn't what I think the Steelers do more so than what I would like to see them do. Or maybe a combination of both? I will do another one after the combine and after seeing what happens to the Steelers in free agency. One more so of what I think the Steelers will do. And one probably a lot more realistic.

1-Manti Te'o ILB Notre Dame----What you think he can't do, or lacks, wont be an issue in LeBeau's 3-4 playing next to Timmons and what he does well will be hi-lighted
2-Terrance Williams WR Baylor---6 ft 2 WR who exploded with out having RG3 throwing him the ball--Mike Wallace's replacement
3-Landry Jones QB Oklahoma----He sits behind Ben for 3 years, the length of Ben's contract, then takes a over like Aaron Rodgers--hopefully
4-Joe Kruger DT Utah-----------Solid 5 Technique 3-4 DT
5-Joseph Fauria TE UCLA--------He played in a run oriented offense yet still had 11 TD's. 6 ft 7 255. Big target with good hands.
6-Kerwynn Williams RB/KR Utah State-replacement for Rainey. Speedy running back/kick returner who also has lined up as the slot as well.
7-Jeff Baca OG UCLA