...bad luck. You can believe injuries is the reason we were left behind. You might just blame the offense (which that may not be far from the truth). Oh, how about blaming it on turnovers. But what it really comes down to is luck, good or bad. That's the only explanation for what caused the Steelers to miss the playoffs for the 1st time in 3 years. The Steelers miss the playoffs every 3 years anyway, so maybe thats the reason. Not matter what you think the reason is, I know I have the answer. It all came down to maybe 1 play.

1 play in 1 game kept us from the playoffs. You can name that play. It really doesnt matter. What does matter is that the style of football the Steelers play comes down to 1 or 2 plays in every game. We dominate on D and keep the scores down so the O can come in and win it or tie it in the 4th Q. That has been the plan since at least 1992. However, this year it just didnt bounce our way when we needed it to. Ben threw ints. and rb's fumbled.

The O averaged 21 pts a game this year. That is pretty low in comparison to other playoff teams. Our D finished 6th in scoring this year allowing 19.6 pts/game. Although that is good, its not quite good enough for our O that has only averaged 22.6 pts/game since Big Ben came in to town in 2004. Even in the heavy pass days of BA, Ben could only average 23 pts/ game.

What all that means is we rely heavily on 1 to 2 plays a game to win it all. We allow our entire season to come down to 1 play and if we fail, we go home. Home is exactly where we are. Forced to watch the Ravens "luck" out a win against Peyton and the Bronco's. If we could only average 27 pts./game we would be 12-4 / 13-3. Our D succeeds year in and year out, but it should. We draft that way. We bring in good FA's that way. We are a defensive minded team that wins and loses by what the D allows. If they allow 19.6 pts/game then we are more than likely sitting home during the playoffs.

The last time we missed the playoffs (2009) the D allowed 20.3 pts/game. In 2006 the D allowed 19.7pts/game. That cant happen with this low scoring O. 1 play decides our season or does it.