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  • The Ratbirds

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  • Houston

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Thread: Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?

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    Question Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?

    Obviously, since the Steelers didn't make the playoffs I started asking myself would I'd like to see win "it".

    I went with Denver.... They lost

    Then I went with the Packers.... They lost

    What now? For me, I guess Houston or Seattle.

    With Seattle, I just don't see them having enough to win the SB. If Houston loses today, I will be rooting for a NFC team. What about you?

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    I hate the Ravens and don't want to see them even sniffing a SB win. However, I'm not really into any of the teams that are left with the possible exception of Atlanta. The Falcons bumbled in the stretch today, but showed themselves that they could overcome adversity to win.

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    It's not even a question anymore. Considering that 2 of the final 4 teams are coached by Harbrats, and another one is coached by Bellicheat, I can only root for Mike Smith and Falcons. I'm happy that game is first, because I doubt I would be able to stomach watching the BAL-NE game...very happy that the Pens-Rangers game is on at 7:00 Sunday night to distract me away from that abomination.

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    Presidential locker room talk: Discussing involuntary gynecological exams.

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    Yes I wanted the Falcons to win but now I would like to see the Ravens beat the Niners. As much as I dislike Ray Lewis, I rather see our Steelers maintain the team, the only eam that owns six super bowl trophies. And if the Niners do win, I'll still be happy to see Lewis cry and run away from the cameras. I still don't believe this egomaniac is going to retire.

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    I'm going to go with Baltimore, because I've been debating that you can't win in the NFL with the option. SF, Seattle, Washington, and Carolina have already proven me wrong, but I don't want to add insult to injury by one of them winning it all.

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