Seen this mock on Bleacher report and it is interesting to me. So I had to ask here about it.
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17. Pittsburgh Steelers

Manti Te'o NFL Player Comparison

Manti Te'o, ILB, Notre Dame
Many people have overreacted to Te'o's poor game against Alabama. Those of us who've been watching him play on a regular basis already knew his limitations, and the way 'Bama was able to handle him only confirmed our suspicions.
Te'o isn't going to be the next Patrick Willis.
He lacks elite speed and strength at the point of impact, and he's always going to need space in order to make big plays. That said, he is an extremely effective player when he can flow from sideline to sideline, and his ability to make plays in the passing game can't be denied.
Pro Comparison: Brian Urlacherock on Bleacher report and had to ask here.

So I know nothing about Urlacher except he got trucked buy the Bus. Is he really good? Is it a good comparison? If it was Urlacher in this draft would you want him a Steeler?