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Thread: Baltimore Taking Ray Home With A ring like we did the Bus?

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    Maybe Tom will win his last SuperBowl and then retire and go soul searching to the EAST??? Maybe??
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...!!!

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    My only hope is for Atlanta to win it.

    Can't stand the cheaters.
    Can't stand the Ravens idiot fans, coaches, or players.
    Don't want any Harbaugh to win it, and certainly don't want the Niners to tie the Steelers at six SB wins.


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    Quote Originally Posted by supersteeler View Post
    The Ravens have confidence, they came close last year so this year might be their year. They match up with the Patriots now more than ever, you won't see the Pats blowing them away. The ravens will keep it close and try and win at the end.
    Flacco can exploit the Pats secondary, they have the receivers to do it, TE's and a good run game, so I wouldn't overlook what the Raven can do.

    On the NFC side, the 49ers will be favored but something tells me Atlanta playing at home gives them an edge, its all setting up for a Atlanta Raven Super Bowl and Ray going out a champion.
    I don't like the Patriots or Ravens but out of the two I would rather see Baltimore advance, in some ways the Ravens are like us and they will represent our division well.
    pats secondary has really inproved with the acqusiition of talib. moving mccourty to FS.

    i smell some flucco INTs

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    Yeah, the pats secondary improved but Flacco will have time to throw and exploit that secondary as N.E. is more geared to stopping the run than putting pressure on the QB.
    Brady is one of the best but like Manning chokes on the big games, been doing that for what now 7 years or so.

    No one gives Baltimore much chance, like our Steelers in 2005 they believe.


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