It sure looks that way, there is no quit in that team. While the Ravens have a young offense their defense is aging and they know this is their last shot for the big game.
They are playing as a team with Flacco stepping up with big plays, and the defense making stops at critical times of the game but deep down they are playing for Ray to go out a champion.

I have to admit I was rooting for them to beat Denver. They were big underdogs, making that long trip to Denver and playing in a tough enviroment thin air and all. No one was giving them any chance so I tip my hat to them and seeing they are representing our division well.

When you get to the playoffs, a good defense isn't enough you still have to generate points like they did outscoring Denver 38-35, so they have a shot to take Ray home as a champion, but it won't be easy in this crazy NFL season.