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Thread: Appreciate the HOF QB we have people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post
    Peyton is a chocker at his core.
    Goes back to COLLEGE people.

    Lost EVERY BIG GAME at UT, unstoppable otherwise.

    People thought he carried UT until Tee stinkin MARTIN took Peytons team to the national championship.
    That said, do we overrate how clutch Ben is?
    He choked big time in the first SB. Ben's got 2 rings true but there is no question it was DESPITE Ben we won that 1st SB (he did have a GREAT playoff to get us there).

    NOD was GREAT in his SB compared to Ben in his first one.
    Had our Seattle been a great team like that Cowboys team we would have gotten smoked.
    Were it not for a record run by Willie and the best pass of the day by ARE, we lose EASY.

    He was young so he gets a pass.
    But can we give him that win to make a case FOR him as being clutch. No, not by a longshot.
    You cant say he is clutch because he got 2 rings.

    Ben was clutch in one of three SBs. VERY CLUTCH for one drive.

    But outside of ONE DRIVE he was outplayed by the opposing QB in all three SBs. One can make the case that Warner was better throughout. Ben just had the ball last with time.

    With recent letdowns I no longer consider Ben to be as clutch as I once did.

    How many of you were SURE he was gonna get it done against the Packers on the last drive.
    I sure was confident.

    Ben CAN BE clutch, but I dont expect it, like I used to.
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