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Thread: Steelers to pay price in secondary

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    Steelers to pay price in secondary


    I can understand why the Steelers didn't sign Keenan before this season, he was just average. This 2012 season he had his breakout year and it showed on the field helping the defense to claim the #1 pass defense.
    He's a productive player and like the article stated, we'll need to replace Ike Taylor at some point so having Keenan and Cortez back will be a plus.
    I don't know if the Steelers will be able to sign Keenan but I hope so, especially when our front seven can't get enough pressure on the QB, you need a good secondary.

    If we fail to sign him, look for the Steelers to draft either a CB, or Safety early in this years draft, but I would prefer to sign him, he knows the LeBeau system and now that investment is paying off, lets make it happen Mr. Rooney& Colbert.
    Omar, do your magic and get er done.

    Btw, I think Keenan is looking to upgrade his ride. [url][/url]
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