Thats the big question as we enter the off season. Haley interviewed for the Cardinals job so no word yet if he will accept that position but if he does onece again Ben will have a new OC.
No matter what happens on that end, the Steelers have to concentrate on how to improve this offense, what players they need to be successful.
Looking back earlier in the season, Ben was having one of his best seasons until he got injured, we were leading the league in third down conversions and utilizing a ball control type offense that gave us a lead in time of possesion.
This may be the type of offense the Steelers are best suited to play, in that period we had back to back 100 rushing yards by Dwyer and Redman, and even a 100 yrd receiving performance by Redman.
They used a short to medium passing game which led to Ben having fewer sacks and higher percentage of completions, now if you combine that with a strong run game maybe thats the ticket for this offense.
This type of offense was typical of how the Steelers played in the past when they were successful and it gave the defense more rest in a ball control type offense.
It looks like we probably lose Wallace and Mendy, and with the recent situation with Rainey, running back may be a sudden priority in the draft. Our receivers with Wallace gone may also be better suited for this type of offense to move the ball in combination of running the ball well.
The Texans seem to run a similar type and they have success with it, having Foster in the forefront with a strong run game, and a rested defense.
Now the question is with all the needs we have at different positions, will the Steelers do something different and take a running back in either the first or second round? What if Lacy is available when we pick, do we choose him?
We had a top ranked defense in 2012 even though we didn't have many sacks on the QB and few turnovers, imagine if we had a ball control offense how good this defense could be.
We were 26th in the league in rushing, that is telling why this offense struggled, maybe a commitment to get a good back that can run effectively could cure some offensive issues we have.

Your thoughts?