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First of all, way more good things than bad in 2012? I'd strongly disagree. It was an 8-8 season, where we needed just 1 more game to go to the play offs and we couldn't find that ONE WIN vs. TN, SD, Oak or Cle? Not to mention when we REALLY needed a game vs. Dallas and Cinci. No, sorry, not more good things than bad. And, with a -14 turnover ratio, I'd say it's safe to say, this team DOES HAVE discipline problems and that all starts and ends with the head coach, who, himself, had discipline problems with his ever-expanding girth.
Maybe not way more, but there were good things to talk about. Such as a good playmaking season for Timmons. Solid season for Foote. Development of Keenan Lewis and Cortez Allen. Defense still No. 1 in certain categories. Solid start for the offense. You disagree about Sanders but I thought he had a solid season. Strong season for Suisham. Before the injuries to Colon and Adams, the line was starting to look like a good run blocking line.. I thought Hood came on down the stretch. There were positives and the season was just slightly off from a playoff season. You regale the board with some extremist rhetoric and I am not putting you down. That is the approach some people take, I am just more of the "take a balanced view" type of person.