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Oh, and besides being sloppy with idiotic penalties, other signs of lack of team discipline:

- Our star OLB shows up sloppy, fat, pudgy which leads to him playing like crap and getting hurt. That's not a lack of discipline? And what's Tomlin do about it? Not a damn thing.

- Our star receiver hold out for all of camp and preseason and then shows up to promptly drop passes, shows no interest in putting forth any effort and has a bad attitude all season. What's the coach do? Not a damn thing.

- Our star QB just carelessly wings passes all over the place, tossing game-losing pics more than once. When the season was to be made or broken, with the play off on the line, he loses BOTH games (Dallas and Cinci) with game-losing interceptions to end the game. No excuse for the utter sloppy and bonehead play; a bright and shinning example of lacking discipline.

- Our star running back is sloppy in carrying the ball and then pouts when he is told he would not be dressing and proceeds to not show up for work on game day (even though he wasn't playing).

- Some of our O linemen were just vastly overweight. No discipline.

- Our #2 WR couldn't bother to bend over and fall on a ball in the endzone, just giving up 5 points as if it was meaningless.
If you would go through a list of some of the good things that happened this year, you could probably have a longer list. There is always going to be something wrong on a team. But I don't think the Steelers are substantially way undisciplined. A father who has a strict household and a lot of kids cannot control everything they do. Are you suggesting that a coach of a team with grown men who have their own homes can control everything facet of their lives and behavior and if not, it's all his fault?