Mods, please. Don't tell me this is off topic. This most certainly impacts the Steelers. This is too big an issue to hide in one of the other boards that no one reads.

OK, we can no longer deny Jr. killing himself wasn't because he was suffering from CTE, or that he shot himself in the chest wasn't so his brain could be studied leading to a better understanding of the condition. We can now safely know these things were true and not just theory. We have a long way to go before we can land on the solution to CTE and football, but at least we can start from a viewpoint of knowing that repeated head collisions in football can indeed lead to CTE and not claim it is an unfounded theory. And, although I'd like to think that the NFL is taking this more seriously for a genuine care for the future health of their players, it wasn't until the law suits started to mount that they took such a deep concern. That may be cynical, but it is also true. The NFL was infamous for not giving two craps about the health of it's former players, including offering a paltry health care for the men who spent their health to build the multi-billion dollar league. The owners couldn't be bothered to spend a tiny fraction of their wealth to take care of those who sacrificed their health and only NOW show a concern, timed precisely when impending law suits loomed. It is sad that human nature is to fight taking care of people until they are worried about getting sued. The owners could have started taking real care of these men without making a dent in their fortunes, but chose not to.