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I think it's respectable that Beachum played o.k as a 3rd string rookie at RT but does that give them any indication that he can start at LG? Who knows. To me, G is a cerebral position compared to T which is more of a physical/athletic position. That of course isn't taking into consideration G's that have great "pulling" ability.

Letting Foster walk is a bad idea but he can probably get paid more by some other team. I don't think the Steelers want Foster to walk. I think that decision is simply $$ based.

Letting Colon walk is a good idea regardless of "dead money". I said signing Colon to that deal was a bad signing when it happened. As it turned out, it was a very poor signing.

Letting Starks walk is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. What has Gilbert done to be handed the LT position? My goodness that's a scary thought. You can make an argument that Starks was the most consistent player on offense with the exception of Miller. Could you imagine what the last 2 years would have been like without Starks stepping into the lineup and performing well?

The depth is a SERIOUS issue considering our players can't stay healthy.

I just don't get it anymore.... Is Tomlin/Colbert trying to make this a sub-500 team? With decisions like Gilbert over Starks, they are on the fast track to getting us there. Where is the talent evaluation of players especially on the o-line?

Releasing Urbik? Failure
Signing Colon to a large deal? Failure
Releasing Starks the first time? Failure
Thinking Jonathan Scott was a starting LT? Failure
Releasing Starks the second time? Failure

and coming soon.....

Letting Starks walk a 3rd time in favor of Gilbert starting at LT? Failure.
Why are they so adamant to force inferior players into the OL? What do they have against Starks? This is pure insanity. "Our OL stinks; quick, get rid of its best player." Starks is not among the best LTs in the league, but he isn't bad. He is certainly worth keeping around; we won 2 rings with him, for cripes sake. I am really beginning to wonder about the wisdom of the ownership and front office of this team. They are looking like idiots right about now.