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Not really. Steelers go cheap on offense then blame the offense for losses. Gotta have that top D to play renegade for though.
Correct. The defense gets the lions share of the resources to get fewer sacks and INTs and we blame the offense.

Good discussion on Mike and Mike this morning with Herm Edwards. he pretty much said the defensive rankings where we were #1 are meaningless because they are based only on yards. He said in today's NFL turnovers on defense are what counts, i.e. how many times you sack the QB and how many INTs and fumbles you get. Exactly the point I have been making for 2+ years. We may have a defense that is ranked high but it has ceased to impact games like it use too.

The frustrating part is we are paying huge salries to players on defense who are making those impactful plays. IMO LeBeau is part of the problem with his "tackle the catch" and play it safe philosophy versus instilling an aggressive attack the ball philosophy. I think that is a major source of our 4th qtr failures. In our desire to not give up "the big play" we give up lots of high percentage "little plays" that combined have the same effect as a "big play."