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Thread: Ed: Steelers OL to Have Different Look in '13

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    And to make things worse, potential franchise LT types Taylor Lewan and Jake Matthews announcing that they are returning to Michigan and Texas A&M, respectively. Right now, the only other potential first round tackle (other than Joeckel who should go in the top 5) would be Central Michigan's Eric Fisher (we'll have to see how he performs against a higher level of talent at the Senior Bowl in a couple of weeks).

    I wasn't on the Chance Warmack bandwagon (because I couldn't see us using 1st round picks on interior lineman in 3 out of 4 drafts), but if he is on the board, and we let Starks, Colon, and Foster all walk, then that pick would make sense as the BPA at a position of need.
    Disagree. You have Eric Fisher, Lane Johnson, Justin Pugh, Brian Winters, Oday Aboushi, and Dallas Thomas was a pretty damn good Left Tackle at Tennessee before moving to left guard for a star Left Tackle recruit.

    I have a feeling teams are not going to let Warmack slip to our pick as happened with Decastro. The Jets, San Diego, Carolina and Saint Louis all have a great need for one of the top players in the draft.

    The Cowboys are right behind us and would probably trade up to jump us for Warmack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    When the defense is old and the offense is young, that's what happens.
    Young doesn't mean good. But they will play them anyway, while on defense we also had young players that aren't very good but have signed the old vets to keep them.

    It's ok to start a young unproven LT and let a quality proven and affordable vet walk on offense, but on defense rather than starting the young unproven players we sign the Ike Taylor's to huge contracts.

    The above is why our offense will flounder around the 20th ranking and our QB's final years will be pissed away.

    Look at the playoff teams....let the D players walk and start young guys in their place and build around their franchise QB.

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    I don't have more than a gnat's hair confidence in anything Bouchette has to say.

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    Mike Tomlin on Kevin Beachum>"He was going to be prepared above the neck... very cerebral... he's steady eddy"

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    I don't have more than a gnat's hair confidence in anything Bouchette has to say.
    You would never go into camp with virtually no back-ups. They will re-sign Legursky.

    I think they have made the decision to move on from Colon and will try to re-sign Foster as starting LG.

    I will have to look it up again, but it was being mentioned by Dulac in a chat that they are going to ask Foster to lose about 20 pounds. They want to get more athletic on the line.

    Apparently Haley is going to get more input in the o-line coach and likes the more athletic o-linemen that he had in KC.

    Beachum is very athletic, but he needs to get stronger. If he can get stronger, he could be a good player.

    Dulac and Bouchette are often wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie Spaghetti View Post
    god help ben with gilbert on his blindside.
    Hope he doesn't fall on Ben.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    oh yeah, i just re-read your post.

    would you select Warmack in this draft if he were still available?
    If we unload Starks, Colon, and Foster this offseason? Gilbert-Beachum-Pouncey-DeCastro-Adams with only Malecki as depth? We'd almost have to. Warmack-Pouncey-DeCastro would be the best interior OL in football, and then Beachum could battle it out with Adams and Gilbert for the 2 tackle slots. Even then, our tackles scare the bejesus out of me.

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    I don't have any problems with Gilbert at LT. He was gonna play there sooner or later. They originally drafted him to play that very position. How quickly we forget that he played a lot for the 2011 Steelers and did just fine when he was in there. I'd still like to see Legs at C (plus draft a C in a later round like 3 or 4) and move Pouncey to LG. I thought he did a great job in there LG this year.
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    Ed: Legursky Important for Steelers to Sign


    Good morning,

    --- Mike Tomlin continues to have his exit interviews with players. He’s dragging this thing out, probably because he’s not used to having so much time on his hands.

    --- Of all the Steelers free agents, Doug Legursky may not seem to be the most coveted, but he will be by his own team. Legursky is the only legitimate backup to Maurkice Pouncey, and he also can fill in at guard. That’s a two-for they’re not likely to find elsewhere. With Ramon Foster also an unrestricted free agent, signing Legursky is important for them.


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    I should add that we have all gotten too used to mediocrity. Max Starks is steady, but he is just plain average in run and pass blocking.

    I think they have to try something different.


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