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The remaining problem with our system is it takes forever to get defenders up to speed - pretty much every position takes 2 years before players seem to get it, or, at least, the coaches feel that way as young guys don't get to play for 2 years after they are drafted. That sucks. And look at players like Woodley - although once productive, his body breaks down now, every year, from having to try to cover people. It's a waste of time, just let him rush the Gad Damn QB.
You make a valid point about our system on defense. It does take time to get it down, even the great Polamalu had a difficult time his rookie season. On the other hand I don't think we scrap a system because of it difficulty, its worked out well for years.
We use our LB's quite a bit in pass coverage, and I agree Woodley would be better suited to just rush the passer, but the system doesn't work that way. Lamar would be better served to get healthy@100% and cut some weight down so he can do the things they want.