Just think about it.

Switching to a 4-3 could accomplish the following.

1. Saying good bye to Dick. He's been a fantastic Steeler. But nothing lasts forever. I know it's cute to say "he's in his 70s but shows no sign of slowing down." Well, he's in his 70s. People retire for a reason. Let him go gracefully. His "zone blitz schemes" are no longer "exotic" or "confusing." They once were. And horses were once the best way to get around. Teams are fully aware of where blitzers are coming from. There is nothing so super tricky about his system anymore, and as many have stated here, the fact that it takes players so long to learn the system is no longer acceptable or sustainable. We need to draft players who will be playing the position they have learned all their lives. Teams that succeed today can quickly use their draft picks to contribute. Look at the Colts: from 2-14 to a play off team.

2. If we switched, we would reduce the amount of holes in the D. All of a sudden, MLB would not be such a concern. Timmons would be the man, period. We'd have Harrison and Worilds (who far outperformed Woodley any way) at OLB and then we could let fat boy play DE and stay at his fat pants weight.

3. We would put together a DL of Woodley, Heyward, Hood, McClendon, Woods, T'Amu and a few draft picks. I think it could be fine with that mix of players, using the platoon method, keeping everyone fresh.

4. It would simplify the entire thing, so young players could play immediately. Simple is good. Simple is underrated. To the DL: You guys rush the passer and chase the ball carrier. To the LBs: You guys chase the ball, cover TEs and blitz sometimes. To the CBs: You guys cover receivers. To the safeties: You guys don't let anyone get behind you and help in rush support. It can be that simple. The people telling us it isn't just do so to make them feel smarter.

5. Tomlin knows the Tampa 2. It's very effective. Use it.

6. This would dovetail with this draft class. There are tons of good DL there for the taking. Jon Hankins, DT, OSU; Jon Jenkins, DT, GA; Sheldon Richardson, DT, MI; Sharrif Floyd, DT, UF; Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU; Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU; Jackson Jeffcoat, DE, TX; John Simon, DE, OSU.

This really makes the most sense. Will Rooney wake up and make it happen? The 3-4 is no longer the surprise in the punch bowl. Many teams run it and our once-advantage of stealing smallish DEs to make them OLBs no longer exists. So adapt!