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Thread: Draft prospect not mentioned much here

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRob View Post
    I agree with your assessment of Vaccaro, but I think he is head and shoulders above McDonald.

    McDonald struggled badly this year and will probably be a good pick-up in the 4th rd.

    If you want a ball hawking free safety. Your best pick would be Philip Thomas from Fresno. That guy is a perfect fit at free safety. He's probably a round 2 guy.
    Agreed- Philip Thomas is everything the Steelers could want in a FS. That dude is a playmaker. Another guy Chadman likes, and would like some opinion of, is Syracuse's Shamarko Thomas... not quite the polished product, but what an athlete! The Steelers can never 'just replace Troy', but if this guy's head is anywhere near as ready as his physical attributes... he's an impact player along those lines.
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    I am also wary of Texas Longhorn players. Swede, Young.....


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