Here's the sticking points for Chadman from Rooney:

He says the Offense was "right on pace" through 9 games, and that Ben was achieving his goal of 'much fewer sacks'.

That's rubbish. Firstly, Rooney was adamant- so much so that he sacked Arians- that the Offense needed to run more. The result? We ran less this year than ANY YEAR UNDER ARAINS. Even the 2012 Colts, under ARAINS, ran the ball more than the 2012 Steelers. This Offense was not on the pre-2012 season Rooney version of 'Right on pace'. In fact, Haley's offense was doing the polar opposite of what Rooney wanted. As for the sacks- 42 last year, 37 this year. Is 5 'much less'?

He then goes on to say 'focus' played it's part in the Steelers woes. Right- agreed. But who was to blame for a lack of focus & team chemistry this season? How about the 'retiring' of Arians, obviously not a choice of Tomlin's, before the season kicked off? How did that work for 'focus'? was it a distraction? The media sure thought so. And then hiring Haley, who everyone knew has the tendency to 'shake things up'. How did that help 'focus' when your star QB is suddenly given an OC designed to 'shake the cage'? And then the Mike Wallace/Antonio Brown contract saga- want to talk about focus & team chemistry? How do you think Brown getting Wallace's 'money' helped 'focus' this season?

The very things Rooney bemoans as reasons for a poor season stem from him.

"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

One needs to look within themselves, Chadman suspects.