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Thread: Steelers 2012: Lawyers Gone Mad

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    No, the defense's problem initially was giving up 4th quarter leads and give back points.

    Just like I said they would.

    Same issues they always have, healthy or not.

    2nd most 4th quarter leads/game winning drives given up since 2007.

    Health hasn't been an issue for 6 years people.

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    I so agree with most of what you said..this is what I've been saying for a long time.
    We are not aggressive enough. I get so tiring of can almost tell you what we are going to do....

    Folks you have to score touchdowns and be aggressive to win games and playoffs and eventually the Superbowl.
    The 2005-06 team in the playoffs was very aggressive play calling.... And what happen by being aggressive every game????
    And focused (Coaching)....


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